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 The Intercessory Cry for Justice, by Johnny Enlow 

As I read this dream and teaching, as shared by Johnny Enlow, I had to weep.  This is so deep into where the Father's heart is at.  I pray it blesses you.


In Christ,



The Intercessory Cry for Justice
Johnny Enlow
May 08, 2006


"He will not fail nor be discouraged; till He has established Justice in the earth." Is. 42: 4

"No one cries for Justice, nor does any plead for truth." Isaiah 59:4


In order to share this word, I must first tell elements of a deeply impacting dream that I had April 20th of this year (2006).  Much of the dream ties in with things going on in the nation of Peru and our recent trip there. However, I have been shown that it speaks beyond that also.


In the dream, I was with my wife and four daughters (Promise, Justice, Grace, and Glory). We were at a beach when a mini tsunami came in. It came in two waves. After the second wave, I could not find Justice. As a family, the rest of us were fine and together. I began walking around looking for Justice. As I did, I passed many families giving CPR to their children and, in some cases, already grieving that their child had died. This tsunami was a wave that had put the little ones at risk. I began calling out softly for Justice because it seemed like even whispers carried pretty far in this scene with many people concerned for their children. However, I could not find her, so I headed back to my family who were continuing to move inland. I was a little surprised with them because they seemed prepared to move on without Justice. It was as if they thought we had done pretty well all remaining intact and only losing Justice. This, of course, would not have been the case in the natural, but it was in the dream. There were people walking up to my daughters and telling them how beautiful they were and there was a lot of laughter and lightness among them. I needed to get their attention to tell them that we needed to pray for Justice and that I was headed back out to look for her. I knew that there was a good chance I would find her if we would pray as a family. I had already predetermined that, when I went back out, I was going to shout Justice's name out loud. I was deeply gripped by her loss. Though she is my second oldest daughter in the natural (12 years old), in my dream she was my youngest and smallest. I woke up at this point in the dream.


That very morning I had an early breakfast meeting with someone and I told him the dream since I was still greatly under the influence of its impact. When I got to the part where I was calling out, "Justice, Justice," my cell phone suddenly rang. I answered it, and .it was Justice. She had not known that I would be gone in the morning. When I answered the phone, she said "Dad, where are you, I have been looking for you." It struck me powerfully as she said that as I became aware that "I am looking for Justice - but Justice is also looking for me." Justice told me later that she herself had awakened from an intense dream. In her dream, she was "running away" because people were just "chasing her" and it was scary. Then the people suddenly turned into her grandmother, Cindy, and she caught up with Justice and told her that she just wanted to give her "some ice cream." The name Cindy means "moon." The moon is a "type" of the church in that, similar to how the moon reflects the light of the sun, the church reflects the light of the "Son."




Before I interpret, let me say I have also had other recent dreams about Justice and she continues to be a focus of these dreams. Two nights ago, I dreamt that I was walking with my wife and Justice. Justice was again much younger than she really is (more like 4 or 5, rather than 12) and she was being a bit "fussy." In the dream, my wife told me that I needed to show Justice some "PDA." Though we have never used that term among our family, I knew in my dream that it mean t "Public Display of Affection." I woke up right after my wife told me that Justice needed me to show her "PDA." When I woke up, I immediately knew that I was to start talking more about the theme of Justice and that this is definitely something on the heart of God.


I believe that the interpretation of these dreams is fairly obvious, but I do want to point out some things. What stands out in the main dream that I had was how intense my passion was for Justice and how little "passion" there was for her from the rest of the family. I believe I was receiving insight from the Lord's point of view as it relates to His Justice. We as "the body" are pretty much interested in "Promise, Grace and Glory" and we think we would be fine without "Justice." Many of us are pursuing our personal "Promised Land" and we are all crying out for Grace and His Glory. We can even get so distracted with the attention to these three that we can be less than sensitive to the fact that the Father is not going to let us go on without Justice. We are told in Psalms 97:2 that "justice.is the foundation of His Throne," yet we have considered this as something to pray and intercede AGAINST.  


My dream was also insightful in revealing that this wave of "injustice" was particularly deadly to children. We have an application of that manifested in our Supreme Court where an absence of Justice has contributed to allowing millions of "little ones" to be at risk - through the original Roe vs. Wade ruling. I believe that one of the main areas we are specifically to "cry out" for is that the Supreme Court "Justices" who do not value the sanctity of life would b e removed. I believe that at least two are to be removed and replaced in the next couple of years - as we "cry out for justice." It is insightful that not only is the Father looking passionately for His Justice - but that Justice is at the same time desperately looking for the Father. I believe we have entered an Isaiah 26:21 time where "the earth will also disclose her blood, and will no more cover her slain." The earth itself is in birth pangs crying out for justice and redemption.


In my daughter's simultaneous dream, she was running away because she was being chased by people. This dream was a nightmare for her because she didn't know why they were chasing her and it was troubling to her. But then the people changed into Cindy and now they wanted to "treat" her right. I believe this refers to the church embracing the Lord's passion for Justice. We need to find out what it really means and then really cry out for it. If God is not going to fail or be discouraged until He has established Justice in the earth (Is. 42:4), then we had better get into agreement with that.




At this time, I believe that many intercessors are feeling powerful "birth pangs" overtaking them as they pray. When this happens, many times they are receiving God's heart for Justice. Many are not being told that it is Justice that they are birthing because they might then stop the process by seeking to "birth" promises, grace, or glory instead. However, justice is the present burden of the spirit. Isaiah 59:1 says:


"Behold the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save: Nor His ear heavy that He cannot hear."


Then verse 4 states, "but no one cries for Justice." Does it seem like we are not getting the Lord's power as we want it and that at times He seems deaf? Could it be that the problem is that He's looking for agreement in calling forth Justice? Even as I began writing this paragraph, I realized that I began to "rock" as in intercession. Justice is really "next" on the Lord's "agenda" and there is a need for us to grab onto this burden of the Spirit.




Justice and righteousness are virtually the same word in scripture. The Bible translators made judgment calls on when to use each word, but they are, in fact, the same word. In the Old Testament there are three words that are used and then translated in various scriptures as "justice" or "righteousness." The three Greek words are "tsedeq," "tsedaqah," and "tsadaq." "Tsadaq" is the root word of the three and all three mean the same basic thing. The definition is: 1) "that which is right, just, or normal." 2) "Rightness in government, in cause, in speech, in ethics." 3) "Straightness of Path." 4) "What ought to be." The "straightness of path" reveals much. We know the scriptures instruct that we prepare the way of the Lord by "making His paths straight." This is a precursor to Him coming in a new dimension of power and grace.


In Isaiah 61:3 where it says that we shall be called "oaks of righteousness," it could have just as easily been translated "oaks of justice." This is revelatory since it speaks to us about what "oaks of justice" do.


"And they shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations." Is. 61:4.


In order to become "transformers," we must become "oaks of justice." We must understand what justice is, we must cry out for it, and then embrace it. It is that which straightens out the paths. To embrace justice is not to embrace destruction of lives. That is what many of us have erroneously thought it to be. However, it is the necessary corrective measure from heaven to change the direction in which we are going. Correction has become so distasteful for us in our western society that we have come to view it as something to be prayed AGAINST - and we call it Grace. Justice is the "in-between" option so as not to receive total destruction. We really must learn to embrace it at a personal level and at a corporate level. If we and the world continue to get our own way with no consequences, we are going to "spoiled brat" ourselves right into mass destruction. Hebrews 12:11 says,

"Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of RIGHTEOUSNESS (or Justice) to those who have been trained by it."




In Romans 11:22, we are commended to "see both the goodness and the severity of the Lord." We as the church have loved the eye of goodness but not the eye of severity. They must both work at the same time.


Isaiah 26:9b and 10a says:

 "For when your judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the earth will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS (Justice). Let grace be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn RIGHTEOUSNESS (Justice)."


Crying out for "grace" is not always the right answer. The other eye must also begin to work. My daughter Grace suffers from amblyopia. This is a visual disorder where her brain does not receive the complete signal from her left eye because it does not see as clearly as her right eye. The brain ignores one eye because it does not like what it's seeing, instead preferring what the other eye is seeing. The corrective process for it is that, while she is young, we have to put a patch on her strong eye so that her brain is forced to acknowledge the signal from the weaker eye. If this process was not done, her brain would eventually completely ignore one eye, leaving her with vision in only one eye and no depth perception. This is quite a frustrating process for Grace because she can see perfectly without a patch or her glasses because her brain does such a good job of only focusing on what the one eye sees. I believe that this relates to the disorder in the Body of Christ that the Lord is addressing at this time. I'm believing that as it gets corrected in His Body, my Grace's eye will begin to also function as it should. We have got to see BOTH the goodness and the severity of the Lord.


The other night my daughter Grace came into our bed in the middle of the night, greatly disturbed by a "nightmare." Her "nightmare" was that angels were refusing to come and watch over her in her room. They were all over Justice's room and they would only watch over her at this time. This, of course, was quite traumatic for Grace. It is as if the strong eye (grace) was being "patched" so that the weak eye (justice) could be activated and strengthened. I believe that we are in need of some temporary corrective measures so that we start seeing properly with BOTH eyes.




In closing, I'd like to share one more scripture that is relevant. It is Psalms 85:9-13.


"Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him, that Glory might dwell in the land. Mercy and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yes, the Lord shall give what is good (Promises): And our land shall yield its increase (Grace).  JUSTICE shall go before Him, and shall make His footsteps our pathway."


I have added the emphasis of the names of my daughters in that passage to continue to make the point. Yes, our goal is that Glory might dwell in the land. Also, that we may receive that which is good and that which is increase. However, JUSTICE SHALL GO BEFORE HIM. When "mercy and truth" meet together, room is made for justice. May this cry of the Father's heart begin to echo throughout our hearts and throughout our lands.


Johnny Enlow





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