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Awaken for the Renewal! A Directive for 2012-2015
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A Star Is Born
 A Door of Hope for My Body
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I Am Calling You Higher
The Earth Groans
The Secret Place of My Keeping
A Time of Freedom
A Prowling Lion Seeks to Devour
Jesus Was Not Forsaken
Be Still
Go Forth With Confidence
The Righteous Acts of the Saints
Follow My Lead, Not Man's Hype
The Downfall of Judas
Come Up
I Do Not Scold
Unity Through My Possession
A Door of Hope for My Body
Perfected Love
Who Are You Listening To?
Seek My Face
A Day of New Beginnings
The Building of My Holy City
Follow In Your Daddy's Footsteps
New Cloths
Living Stones
Come Beloved
Turn Your Eyes Upward
Has the Revolution Begun?
2010: A New Years Blessing For You
Enter My Rest
The Season Of Restoration
The Wise Will Understand
When I Made the Earth
Overcome Evil With Good
Who Is Leading?
Walking Into Your Season
The Desires of My Heart
My Glory In Earthen Vessels
The Eyes of My Heart
2007 - The Year of Cadence
The Choice Is Yours
To Be A Disciple of Christ
Thankful Hearts
I Do Not Use Hype!
The Fruit of My Love
I Am Opening the Doors
I Am the Wind Beneath You
Will You Embrace Your Destiny?
Drink the New Wine
Freedom Rains
I Am the Pearl of Great Price
You Are Not Rowing Alone
I Am Calling You Higher
Will You Allow the Angels to Dance Upon You?
Being Broken No More
Walk In My Justice
Rise Up My love
Walk in the Authority of a Queen
My Love Is Hot!
The Hour is Late
Come!  Walk on Water!
The Master Surgeon
Spirit of Haman Must Be Stopped By Spirit of Esther
Release the Cockle Burs
Father's Word To You
To Intercessors
5  Words from the Heart
Incline Your Ear to Me
I Am Your Security Blanket
You Are the Starting Point!
To Be a Friend of Jesus
2006- The Year for the Flesh to Submit to the Spirit
Our Number 1 Goal
Bibles Back in Schools
Words of Warning
Christmas: A Time of Reflection
Living Stones
Victor or Victim
Jewels from the Throne Room: His Train Fills the Temple
Anointed Kingdom Encounters
The Righteous Acts of the Saints
The Birthing
Arise Esther
A More Excellent Way
2012 A Year of Great Harvest
A Season of Fruitfulness 2009-2012
First Love
My Best For You
A Door of Hope for My Body
I Am Faithful
Receive My Joy and Promises
Come Sit Next To Me
Tend the Garden of Your Heart
Freedom Rings to the Ends of the Earth
Come! Walk On Water
A Season of Restoration - The Best is Yet to Come
Season of Realignment
Heavens Open Doors
Too Many 4s to Ignore
The Number Eleven
The Launching
My Peace Will Guide You
Come With Your Alabaster Box
Arise My Holy Harvesters
Fire Of Hope
Walk In the Light
Justice Will Flow In My House - Time is of the Essence
When Wicked Men Fall
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 Help Us O Lord 

Help Us O Lord

Judy Bauman


How many today will walk by faith?


And how many today will fall


How many today will walk by faith?


And how many today hear Your call?


Help us O Lord to walk by faith


And not abandon Your call 2x


Help us to hear Your call


Help us to answer Your call






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