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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, July 09 2006

There is something I feel responsible to make clear before you read this. The Lord's words are spoken in a tone of voice of the deepest love you can imagine.  If you hear anything other than God's love for you, know that tone is not in line with what is coming from the Throne Room.  These earnest appeals from the Lord, I believe, come from the times we live in and the sincere urgency that He wants to impart to His Beloved. Jesus' greatest desire is for us to know Him as we are known.  It is my prayer that these words spur us each into action and into a deeper place in Christ.  Be encouraged.  His love is more than enough; His grace is sufficient. 

Love in Christ,


My Love Is Hot

Worship is not a spectator sport.  My children, I desire you to come to Me with your whole heart.  The half-hearted praises of My people weary My ears.  I am exhausted for the straining I must do to hear you worship in spirit and in truth.

I am begging you to come to Me while I can be found. Must you always be moved to find Me in calamity?  Will you not see the benefits of seeking your God and King during times of plenty? O how much more I could bless you if you were seeking me when you are in good times.

Come - Come - Come!

Worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Seek what this means to your King.

My love is an intimate, passionate love.  It nauseates Me when I hear My own telling the hurting, "I love you with the love of the Lord," when they could no more care about that person than the man-in-the-moon.  Don't have mixed seed - that is to say don't have mixed love.  You cannot love Me and love the world. You cannot love Me and love mammon.  

My love is red hot. My love is not lukewarm.  Lukewarm love makes Me want to vomit. 

Come to Me hot or come to Me cold, but don't come lukewarm.  Don't touch those I call 'MINE' with lukewarm love.  I desire to have you touch My heart and My hurting with hot love. 

My love is hot.

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