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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, February 18 2007

It is My earthen vessels that I choose to pour My glory into and through.  This glory is not for you to touch or handle, but you surely are allowed to enjoy it.  As you let it flow through you, the joy of My glory will strengthen your weary heart. 

You try to carry too much, beloved.  You pray, but let Me do the carrying.  The burden I place on you is to walk with Me. My burden is easy and My burden is light, so set down the heavy backpack you are carrying and let Me pick it up.  It did not actually belong to you in the first place.

Let Me fill you with My glory and you can carry that to the nations and to the lost sheep of Israel.

Let Me consume you with My passion, My zeal and My love for you.  Open up and let Me fill you - then let it spill out onto others.


When separation comes to kill, steal and destroy the heart is often wounded beyond recognition.  Whether this separation comes from death, injury, illness, divorce, disagreements, time or space - it doesn't matter to the soul.

The death of a family member can be as devastating as a misunderstanding that estranges friends.  If it separates, it wounds.  If you come into My presence and allow Me to mold your heart, it will no longer be what it was before the wounding.  It will not be the battered mess that it is, it will be transformed into a new creation in Christ.  I will, in a sense, take a syringe and inject you with My DNA.  That is when I can shape you into Our image.  That is when I can take the earthen clay and mold it into the exact shape of My desire.

You are being changed from glory to glory and this is why, beloved, I want you to count it all joy when you face trials. Even your failures are ground up and used as the paint that I chose to use to give you color.  I Am the Potter and you are the clay!  Nothing is wasted.  Nothing, child.

So no more tears.  Dry your eyes and stand up and brush yourself off.  Know that I will shape bend and mold you, but I will do it My way and in My time.

February 24, 2007

A corporate word for 'The Barn' Gathering
Social Circle, GA, USA, 7:15pm

Taste and See

Yes child, you are here in this place to taste and see that the Lord is good.  The songs that flow from the hearts (of those gathered here) are songs that flow from My Throne of Glory.  In this you can rejoice with the angels who continually abide in My presence.  You can freely rejoice as you sense My Spirit flow into and through the hearts and minds of My beloved.

The violent praises of My children take the enemy by surprise.  He is ambushed by such as these. 

You cry for Me to come, and I tell you plainly, I Am here!  I have been walking amongst you and bring to you My peace and righteousness.  Give Me your heart - that un-molded lump of clay and let Me mold it and make it new.  Watch Me take the wounds of the past and mold them into something new.  Behold I take My holy syringe and I will penetrate your heart - I Am injecting you now with My DNA.

When the paternity test is taken all will know that you belong to your Daddy!  All will know that you look like your Daddy!  You are My heir.

The earth groans for your manifestation.  Arise!  Shine!

Let My glory be seen around and about you.  Your heart isnow full of My joy.

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