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Jewels From Judy

Thursday, June 14 2007

"When I made the earth, what do you think I set out to do?"
After pondering this I replied, "I'm not sure, Lord.  My first thought would be to make sons and daughters."
"That is exactly right.  I wanted to set up My dominion in the natural so that it could be seen by all.  I gave Satan the right to test My creation.  If you do not know that you can still trust Me when he comes with his seeds of doubt and distrust, then you cannot experience the growth I want to see in you.  If you do not come to know the truth, and that is that I love you with an everlasting love - an extravagant love, then our reign together in eternity would be tainted.  You must know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love you and you are Mine.*
"This earth is full of the beauty of My creation which testifies of Me and My love for you.  But it is also full of darkness, greed, pride, fear, lying, murders and dissensions.
"I have given My best for you in My Son, Jesus.  He has given His best by giving you His Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives you His very best by revealing the Father and the Son and our intentions towards and for you.  So even though the world is full of darkness, it is also possible to tap into My light and have it pour out into the nations and peoples of the earth.
"Creation consistently testifies of Me.  The bird's song and flight, the trees in all their splendor, the flowers - each one a magnificent work of art, the animals that intrigue mankind, mountains that sing, rivers that roar, oceans vast and filled with worlds of their own, lakes that bring refreshing to the soul, sunlight that gives life to it all, and a universe just waiting to be explored!  This list goes on and on.
"Child, if people's eyes were not blinded by the prince of this world they could see and hear Me in everything around them.  They do not believe because they have, in many cases, chosen to look at what is bad, ugly, hateful, spiteful, and lying.  They choose it!  They speak it!  They revel in it!  If they would think on things that are pure and holy and good then their eyes would see and behold Me in everything they do.  Pray in the name of Jesus for the blinders to be lifted.
"This is My desire:
Follow Me
Love Me
Give Me glory
Give Me honor
"Choose each day to give your attention to My voice. Choose each day to come and sit with Me. Let Me pour into you My desires for the day - then watch it unfold!  You will be so excited when what I have shown you in prayer comes to pass in your day.  Your delight is My delight, child, your joy is My joy.
"I do not want you to fall into the trap of legalism.  I am not saying to make a rule or lay down a law.  I am simply saying, ?Come to Me.  Come to Me.'
"You know My word tells you that when you come I will give you rest.  Watch and see what I show you.  I plan to give you ideas, inventions and creative ways to fund My kingdom work.
"Be still, dear one, and know - KNOW - that I Am God."
Isaiah 60:1-5; Matthew 13:35-43; 11:28-30; Luke 8:3; 10:21, 22; Acts 16:14, 15; Romans 1:16-32; 8:19-22; Philippians 4:4-9
* In February 2007 the Lord gave me a song called, "I Have Made You Mine".  I include it for your edification
I Have Made You Mine
By Judy Bauman all rights reserved © 2007
Am      Dm                E
I will bring the oil of gladness
Am      Dm                  E
I will bring the robe of joy
Am                Dm              E     Am
I will bring the songs in the night hour
          Dm                             E
I will bring the dreams for your life
Am            C       E
For I have called you
Am            C       E
I have made you Mine
Am          C       E
I have called you
Am              C              E
For I have made you Mine
Am            Dm                    E       
I will bring a ring for your finger
Am                Dm                  E
I will give you keys to My house
Am                Am          E      Am
I will sing a song over you, My love
               Dm                 E
I rejoice as you sit by My side
Am                          E
I have called you      I have made you Mine   Repeat


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