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Jewels From Judy

Tuesday, July 20 2010

An Exhortation From The Lord: The Downfall of Judas:

Many in the Church have twisted My words and the words of My prophets to justify their wars and striving for power and dishonest gain.  This should not be so.

Judas tried to force Me to bring about change in the government.  He assumed I would take an earthly throne if physically threatened. He was trying to be the big man so when I rose up in defiance to the Romans, he would rise with Me.  But he misunderstood.  Sin was crouching at his door and abounded in him.  His love of money was his undoing and he opened the door wide for Satan to come into him.  Even with all the miracles he witnessed firsthand, even with all the teachings he heard of My kingdom, even though he walked with Me daily, Judas was made to be blind, deaf and dumb because of his love of money.  (See John 12:6; First Timothy 6:10 and Ecclesiastes 5:10)

There are many in My Body who misuse money. In fact so few don't, I can scarcely count them!  Many shepherds mishandle the funds given, congregants remain under shepherds they do not trust and then make excuses for their lack of giving; yet this all comes out of the same cursed root - the love of money.  (See Titus 1:7, 11)  Many do not give joyfully nor do they sow into fields of plenty.  Instead they give out of compulsion and need, and then hold a grudge to whom the seed is given.  My Word clearly teaches not to do this!  (See Second Corinthians 9:7)  Many more give little to nothing because the cares of this world have choked My seed in their hearts. (See Matthew 13:22)  There are those that have remained faithful to use what is given them to build My kingdom and not their own.  In these the seed grows and multiplies 30, 60 and 100 fold.

Unfortunately, many of My saints have built on sand (hearing but not doing what I have instructed them to do) and now things are crashing in on them. I do not say this to add to their sorrow but to show them the way they must build - on The Rock! (See Matthew 7:24; Psalm 127:1)  It is My hope for Mine to go where I send them and give with a cheerful heart, so that I may complete their joy.

A warning I pray you will understand is this: Learn from historical mistakes. Anything that forces one to proclaim "Jesus is Lord" is not of Me. (i.e.: Constantine's rule, The Crusades, Witch-hunts and persecution of Jews in the name of Jesus to name a few.)  I do not force conversion and I do not kill if one does not convert.  (See John 10:10)  I forgive and I deliver; I heal and I save. I Am love. I Am slow to anger and abound in mercy; I Am the Standard.

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