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Jewels From Judy

Friday, May 22 2015

In a vision, I saw a hummingbird with its beak deeply inside a large, bright red flower. Since I see hummingbirds often in the natural, I asked the Lord, “What does this mean?”

He said, “The hummingbird knows it has to go deep to get nourished. Many in the Church have surface level understanding of who I am. They want someone else to do the work of studying My word, but can you imagine how long a baby bird would live if it was only fed one hour of one day of the week? Even if it’s twice a week, it is not enough to sustain life. This is why so many fall from the faith. They eat the leaven at the table of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and particularly, of Herod.* Every believer needs to study themselves approved and learn to rightly divide the Word of Truth. If they do not, they will be led off, and in turn, mislead others who do not know the truth from a lie. Learn from the hummingbird and drink deeply! Go deep to find the nectar of the Word of Truth. You will not be disappointed and your thirst will be satisfied.”


* Jesus warned us in Matthew 16:6 and Mark 8:15 to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and of Herod. Each of these will do anything to avoid a true relationship with God and is why we must be vigilant and remove all traces of this “leaven” that puffs up and distorts. Instead, let us be raised by the leaven of heaven!

Leaven of Pharisees: Legalistic, religious works done out of duty and need for approval. It puffs up, thinking more highly of self than ought to be - lacking love and compassion. They are judgmental and critical of others and do not have to be in a ‘religion’ to exhibit this form of self-righteousness. (See Luke 18:9-14) Though they think they are serving God, they actually oppose Him. They are set on destroying the voice of Christ Jesus in the world just as in Jesus’ day when they yelled, “Crucify Him!”

Leaven of Sadducees: Operate and teaching in religious error (false religions). Like Pharisees, they are puffed up by their own religious acts and work to silence the voice of Jesus on earth. They are sincere, but like Balaam, sincerely wrong. (See 2 Peter 2:15; Jude 1:11; Revelation 2:14)

Leaven of Herod: Guided by worldly appetites and endeavors. These tend to be sensual in nature, use coarse language and jesting to cover up insecurities. They want to be entertained – even in church and by the things of God. (See Luke 23:8) They are quick to turn on one they admire if the one the admire refuses to join them in their mind games. 

Leaven of Heaven: Arise, shine! (See Matthew 13:33) Teaches and shares the word of God that nurtures themselves as well as others. They edify and bring comfort into situations. Operate in the gifts of the Spirit and produce the fruit of the Spirit. Recognize that they are here “for such a time as this.”

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