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Jewels From Judy

Thursday, August 14 2008

An Exhortation From The Father's Heart To Yours: I Am Calling You Higher

Child, the sorrow of the pruning you are enduring is but for a short time; joy comes in the morning.  Know that though it is painful, it is necessary. You are coming into a new season in Me.  Think of a fruit tree that has one branch that is growing much faster than any of the others.  The tree becomes out of balance.  A branch that has had exponential growth in comparison to the rest of the tree must be pruned back so the rest of the branches can catch up.

This is not pruning of dead branches, though I do that; this pruning is of a living and healthy branch which bore fruit you enjoyed.  That is why the pain is so intense, but it is not unto death. That which has been cut away will be for My glory.  There is a shock that happens to a tree when it is pruned and this is what you are experiencing. But remember, the tree gets over the shock and grows to bear much more fruit. Your branches are to bring healing to many nations.  What I gave you during the prior season will never be taken from you.  I have planted you by the Living Water and I want you to drink deeply during this time of recovery. It is My desire for your roots to grow deep and strong in Me.  By My hand a lance has skillfully been cast to cut the cords that once bound you - the ropes are no longer there!  You've been set free! Rejoice in that!  Your roots are healthy and free to grow!  Learn of Me as My ways will never lead you astray. I say again, take time to drink deep from the well of My presence.  I will never turn you away and I will never set a limit on how deep you can go in Me.  You are free to go as deep as you desire.

The enemy sought to dishearten you and bring you to your knees.  But that is right where I wanted you!  His desire is to see you embrace the wounds of being cast aside - he's trying to regain entry, but I have strengthened your heart in this past season. Your heart is compelled to embrace My cross.  That is because I have injected it with My DNA* and you are forever changed.  Because you have submitted to Me, I have given you the wisdom to resist his deceptions.

Know that you are no longer an orphan.  You are mine.  You belong to Me!  Everyone could abandon, reject and cast you aside, but My favor and My love will always bring you back to My side where there is fullness and life.  At My side is where you can rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory!   You know that you belong to Me and are a child of the King.  You are heir to all I have, so walk humbly but confidently in that truth. 

Release the pain of the pruning to Me and I will rise up with healing in My wings. I will cover you in My pinions.  Come up to the cleft of the Rock and rest in My presence. Mount up with wings as eagles.  Yes, use the wings I have given you to soar with Me.  I am calling you higher!

Scriptures: Psalm 27:10; 30:5; 91; Isaiah 40:31; John 14:8; Galatians 5:1; Romans 8:13-17; 1 Peter 1:8

*DNA is the unique blueprint - a genetic code specific for each individual life.  A DNA test can prove paternity, or catch criminals by placing them at the scene of the crime.  When DNA was discovered it also set many innocent people free.  The Lord was saying in this word that He has injected us with His DNA - His unique genetic code!

It is my belief that this is a word in due season for many right now.  Its original release was September 10, 2006 and the fruitfulness that came forth shortly after far exceeded anything I could have imagined.  The Father's Love International Ministries expects the pruning that we are undergoing by the Lord's hand will bring forth much fruit in the coming season. I also expect it to bring forth much in yours. 

In the Father's love,
Judy Bauman

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