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Bahamas March 2010



MARCH 2010!


March 2010, I had the privilege to minister to the folks at Long Island, Bahamas.  It is a beautiful country but is often overlooked for minsitry because of the tourist's view of it being so beautiful.  However, the people who live there are not living on the resorts!  Life is very difficult there.  Clean drinking water is always an issue as is having enough money for food.  Hospitals are few and far between and require and injured or ill person to be airlifted to the main island.


Through gifts given to the ministry, I was able to bring Haddon this electric saw which was tremendously needed as can be seen by the smile on his face!  I was also able to bring them spices and certain food items they were not able to get there as well as ink cartridges for their printer and strings for Sue's guitar.


Our friends, Haddon and Sue Minns, wrote many kind words in their newsletter after I left, but this statement sums up the mission, "Many lives were touched in a special and very personal way. Ours included."  I believe that is the purpose for every mission trip - to touch not only the lives of the people there, but to strengthen and encourage the missionaries as well.  They are often overlooked.


Haddon and Sue are also missionaries to Romania.  They spend several months out of the year with the churches there.  We have discussed my coming to minister there with them, but will continue to pray about that trip.

MISSION BAHAMAS!!!  Set for March 2010!


This year is already shaping up to be a serious time for ministry.  These are indeed perilous times; it is not a time for us to shrink back, but to charge forward as David did with Goliath. David ran to the battlefield and faced the greatest enemy Israel had ever seen!  Throughout his life, David fought on many different battlefields.  His example of boldness, obedience, and determination is there to show us that we too must seek which field we are to be on any given time.  Even his mistakes are a blueprint for us to see how we can be restored to God when we sinned against our Father.


At this time I have a very strong sense to join friends, Haddon and Sue Minns (Sue pictured above wrapping Christmas gifts for the children), on the mission field at Long Island, Bahamas. This couple has ministered there for 12 years, faithfully plowing the very hard spiritual ground there.  Sue and I have talked on many occasions about my coming and right now the fields are ripe for harvest!  It is time.  It is time for them to hear testimony of the Father's love for them! It is time for them to come fully into the Kingdom of God.


With the earthquakes in Haiti, the local Bahamians are concerned about their future. They felt the shaking, had tsunami warnings, loss of power, supply line, etc. Many have expressed their desire for spiritual help in ways unmatched in past times. We know that kind of help can only come from a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  We also know that same urgency can cause panic and people tend to reach for straws when they're frightened.  They are not traumatized the way the Haitians are right now, but their state of mind makes them venerable to spiritual activities that actually lead people away from God, not to Him.  It has been wonderful to see the outpouring of help given to the Haitians during this terrible time, but we must not forsake the Gospel in other areas of the world. Many secular groups are conducting successful fundraisers for that cause and right now in the chaos; the Haitians receiving help have no idea where the help has originated. Also I have worked with different government-based organizations and the workers are forbidden to pray with people or share their faith with those receiving food, water and clothing.  There will be dynamic times are ahead for the ministry in Haiti, but I personally believe the people there need time to recover from the trauma.


Right now I have a message for the Bahamians about the Father's perfected love for them, and it is time give it.  I plan to go from March 9-23, 2010. 


If you would, please help me reach this vital area with your donation to The Father's Love Int'l Ministries.  The home page has instructions if you chose to give online through PAYPAL or if you want to mail in your support.  Thank you.



Rev. Judy Bauman

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