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Bolivia Oct 2010



Santa Cruz - Messianic Worship at Bethel Bolivia


 Ebenezer Rehab Intake Center

Quechuan Church

Ebenezer Rehab Men's Farm


Women's Rehab Center


Christ Community Church


Community Churchs and Local Pictures

Mission Update!

My 3rd week into Mission Bolivia!


Much has happened in the three weeks I have been in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America; but I still have a week left!  Please allow me to give you an update:



A blessing I did not know was awaiting me in Bolivia was meeting Pastors Bernebe and Karina Luna.  They are the pastors of Michael and Daisy Lund, the couple who invited me to come and minister here.  The Luna family insisted I stay with them instead of at a hotel and have been an amazing gift to me.  Pastor Bernebe is a wonderful example of the Father's love in action - easily seen in his marriage and children.  Pastora Karina is a loving, patient wife and mother; and even though we don't speak the same language we have become the best of friends.  They are a family of exceptional love, joy and peace! 


One thing I love about them is they do not try to "own me".  This can cause major problems on the mission field; however, here in Bolivia Bernebe and Karina know I belong to Jesus and it is God's kingdom we are building - not mans.*  (The three sisters who cared for me in Uganda in Oct 09 also understood this as did the Minns in The Bahamas earlier this year.)  The Lunas' humble and genuine consideration for one another has been extended to me in great measure; I am so blessed to be staying with them!  I pray my visit has and will also bless them.  *See further explanation below.


In this short time I have ministered at six churches, visited a primary school operated by the Lunas, and preached at three different drug rehabilitation centers.


The local churches have all been gracious to receive me - and more importantly - the Father's love and the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus!  Among the churches visited, one was a First Nations AOG church of the Quechuan Tribe and another was a Messianic congregation. The other four churches were also uniquely Bolivian and full of love and hunger for God.  The Lunas' church received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and there has also been healing and deliverance for certain individuals. 


The school children enjoyed an unexpected holiday on Friday so the teachers could receive ministry!   This was a powerful testimony of the Lunas love for their teachers.


The Women's Rehab Center was the first place I ministered.  We came back two weeks later and I ministered again and then we baptized six women!  I will be there again this Wednesday for their evening services as long as our vehicle is repaired in time (please pray for this problem to be quickly resolved)!  The other two rehab centers visited are for men.  One is the intake center in town.  The other center they call ‘the farm' is where the men live, grow food and raise animals to help sustain the mission.  So far this trip, eighteen men and three women have accepted Jesus as their Lord! 


This week I will share a message the Lord gave me specifically for men at the intake center and "the farm" - where we will also be baptizing.  They just finished building a baptismal there with our help!  They only needed $24 worth of cement to finish the project and it was a small but significant gift The Father's Love Int'l was able to provide!  "Love" is the "bonding" agent! (Colossians 3:14)  I count it a privilege to be part of this new step in their walk with the Lord.


Every place I have visited has left its fingerprint on my heart.


If this ministry has left its fingerprint on your heart, I pray you will prayerfully consider giving a financial gift today.  The Father's love - the Gospel - is a free gift for us all to receive, but it takes funding to go and share it with the nations.  In a small ministry like this one your love, gifts and prayers really go a long way and truly make a difference!  We need people to partner with us! 


If this bears witness to you, please go to to give through PayPal or mail your gift to:


The Father's Love Int'l

P.O. Box 1573

Buford, GA 30542 USA


It is my prayer the "jewels" sent out through this post will cause the "jewel" you are to God to sparkle! 


In the Father's love,

Rev. Judy Bauman



*Please allow me to further provide some practical instruction for both those desiring to serve in the mission field and for those inviting missionaries to come to their country.  It is good and right to watch and care for a missionary, but when it is flaunted in front of others in the community and used to gain favor with man - then it becomes a setback to the purposes of God in that place!  Trying to take ownership of a missionary can literally thwart the plans of God for the mission. This is all too common and it discourages ministers from making future trips or raising financial support for them.  This is why I first plan my stay at an inexpensive but safe and clean hotel.  Sometimes the local pastors do not have the facilities to house a missionary, and that is not to their shame.  A missionary must pay heed to the 9th Commandment of Mission Travel: "Thou shalt not be a burden to the nationals or [local] missionaries."  AMEN!!!


Sept 3, 2010


Mission Update!


Grace and peace to you and yours! 

On Oct 4th, I will leave Atlanta for Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America and will minister there until November 2nd.  I will be serving alongside our good friends and Bolivian missionaries, Michael and Daisy Lund with Vertical Life Ministries (VLM).  Michael has made a full schedule for this trip (see next page).  The Lund's are pleased to see their local pastors expressing their excitement for my coming to Bolivia as they have opened the doors for me to speak in their churches.  God has been moving in mighty ways, and I am excited to see what He will do as a result of this trip!

It humbles me to be called to encourage and uplift these leaders and strengthen their resolve in the day-to-day ministry with the difficult situations they face.  I know the "Father's Love" can exact change in individual lives, churches and communities.  Truly this is the light and love I pray to bring to Bolivia.  It is my hope to unlock the hearts and minds of those to whom I am called by sharing not only the path of reconciliation to the Father, but by opening doors to their individual and corporate destinies.

As I mentioned in my last Mission Update, one of the "Ten Commandments of Mission Work" is "Thou shalt not be a burden to local missionaries." VLM has been a great blessing to Bolivia and I pray together we be a blessing to them.  Please, will you be an extention of God's love and join hands with me to make a difference in this precious country? 

Here are the remaining needs:

Ø  Lodging $20 per night for 28 day   = $560  

Ø  Meals $15 per day for 28 days        = $420

Ø  Transportation to Magdalena         = $175        

Ø  New Testaments Bibles $3 each


Please give this mission your prayerful consideration.


You may send your tax-deductible gifts to:


The Father's Love Int'l Ministries,

PO Box 1573

Flowery Branch GA 30542


Or you may give online through PayPal at


Blessings to you in the Father's Love! 





Living & Loving Beyond Words



Rev. Judy Bauman with The Father's Love Int'l Ministries

Will be ministering with VLM in Bolivia from

October 5th through November 2nd 2010

Week # 1: Orientation to Santa Cruz Outreaches

We will visit 3 local churches; two drug rehab center outreaches; two hospitals; and will orient Rev. Judy to our street ministries (as seems appropriate)


Week # 2: Intra-Mission Trip to Northern Amazon Basin - Magdalena, Bolivia

We will be traveling by bus and then small plane to the town of Magdalena where we will minister first to pastors and then to the three evangelical churches there. (We will also visit nearby local river communities as time & funds permit)

Week # 3: Santa Cruz Outreach Ministry

Rev. Judy will preach and teach in various churches as well as the local CCCWM mission school. Teaching and prayer ministry will take place in drug rehab centers. And home visitations will be made as the Lord leads and time allows.

Week # 4: Santa Cruz Pastors Conference

A Pastor's Conference will be held, following which, we will use the last week to visit and encourage individual pastors and their families.








Today I want to share the latest exciting news with you!  Anticipation is growing exponentially for the upcoming trip to Bolivia, South America with our friends and Bolivian missionaries, Michael and Daisy Lund.  Michael is no stranger to our family as he has visited Jeff and I and stayed at our home while in the States.  We have discussed many times my coming to minister at their multiple outreaches.  And having prayed about the timing of this trip - We know it's time! 


The Lund's have already begun making plans for my visit; scheduling meetings with other local leaders, who are themselves in need of encouragement.  I am humbled to be of service to them and their congregations.  And I pray to strengthen their resolve by bringing a fresh message the Lord has given me. 


I am confident God will edify the church through this mission trip; certainly this is the Father's will for them.  We know the testimony of "Father's Love" can exact change in individual lives, churches and communities.   This is light and love I pray to bring to Bolivia.   


Please visit VLM's website to view their outreaches and projects - note we will travel to the Magdalena Project in the Northern Amazon while I am there.


One of the "Ten Commandments of Mission Work" is "Thou shalt not be a burden to local missionaries." VLM has been a great blessing to the people in that region and I do not want to be a burden to them.  Will you be an extention of God's love and please join hands with me to make a difference in this precious country?  I need your help to raise $1700 to cover airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and food for a four week trip.  I know there are many voices contending for your financial gifts, but I can tell you that every gift given to this ministry makes a HUGE difference.  Your contribution won't disappear into a black hole.  That's the beauty of giving to a small ministry!!!

Here are some ways you can give:


·        You may send a check or money order to The Father's Love Int'l Ministries, PO Box 1573, Flowery Branch GA 30542. 


·       Go online  and click the "donation" button located on the bottom left side of the home page and use your credit card to make a donation through PayPal.  (This is a great for option for both local and international donations.)


·        A great way to partner with us is to set up "The Father's Love Int'l" on your bank's website "Bill Pay" as you don't have to address an envelope or pay postage!  You can set up donations to be manually or automatically sent. 


Thank you for your thoughtful and generous consideration.


In the Father's love,

Rev. Judy Bauman.










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