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Uganda Oct 2009



LifeStraws for Kyampisi and Spring Valley Primary Schools!

Pastors Conference and Churches



Mission Update

Uganda October 2009

The Father's Love Int'l Ministries


October 30, 2009


It has been over a week since my return from Uganda and I am sorry it has taken me this long to gather my thoughts to share this report.  It is always so amazing to me what God does in such a short period of time, but sometimes I really do not know what to say.  Then when I start, I am not sure where to stop!  God's special kiss was on this trip like no other I have taken, so I pray to convey that to you.

The first week I held a four day conference at Agape Dimensions Church along with my house hosts, Mercy, Aisha and Nancy, and good friends, Pastors Steve and Paula Ssekabira.  It was remarkable to teach there on the Jewish Holiday, Yom Kipper, and share with them its significance.  Taking communion sealed that meeting in a profound way.  A woman had traveled a fair distance to share a song the Lord had given her - which just happened to be sung in a traditional Israeli style.  This is a not a genre I have ever heard sung in Uganda! It confirmed the message, and I was very blessed by her obedience.  Of course she had no idea what I was teaching and was completely led to the church by the Lord.  The primary message for this trip was, "How to Receive Blessings from Heaven."  This message exhorts people to live in love, obedience, integrity and faithfulness; and it attacked envy and contention within the Body. (See Gal 5:13-15)  On the last day the Lord prompted me to do something I had not known I was there to do.  I prayed for people to receive the baptism of Jesus!  And receive it they did!!! (See Matthew 3:11; Mark 1:8; Luke 3:16; John 1:33; 14:16-18, 26; Acts 2:4; 4:31) 

As it turned out, much to my surprise and delight, this was what the Lord had in mind for the people at three churches - Agape Dimensions, Musisi Baptist, and Kyampisi Community Church - and at one university fellowship!  The greatest blessings we can receive from heaven is first salvation and second the promise of the Holy Spirit by whom we are sealed.  In Him we are able to walk in love, obedience, integrity and faithfulness.  Jesus purposed to give us His Spirit! While I did lay hands on a few to receive the Lord's baptism, most enthusiastically received what He intended for them to enjoy!  In fact I have received a report that this continues to grow in strength through the churches and I am so blessed and grateful to the Lord for this great outpouring of His Spirit.  (See Acts 8:14-17)

It was a goal of mine to visit Spring Valley Primary School to see and document how the projects there have been going.  The boys are now moved into the dormitory and much to my delight have ample room to move and grow!  There are not as many girls boarded at the school, but they also have more room now, as does the school for classrooms.  They have also installed doors and windows on the existing classrooms, built a fence around the school and installed a front gate.  They built brick structures to house businesses in hopes they will generate income for the school.  Because of the offerings given this ministry, we were able to deliver food to them, to the school in Musisi, as well as to a school in Jinja.

The pastor's conference was also a big success.  The majority of the 125 pastors in attendance received the message, and I do believe they will make a difference in the direction of Uganda and the ministry there.  The integrity of the pastors in attendance spoke highly of their passion and sincere calling from the Lord. I was so blessed to address them in all frankness and to see they their genuine hearts to receive the word given them.  It was clear their desire is to follow Christ's lead and not man's. They reminded me of the noble-minded Bereans. (See Acts 17:11)

There was also a door opened to me to teach at Christianity Focus Centre which also broadcasts the messages repeatedly on six radio stations around Uganda.  The pastor of this church, Bishop David Kiganda, spoke to me in depth then blessed me before releasing me to teach at his church.  I believe because of that, a strong prophetic word was released about the people being aimed by the Lord to hit the bull's-eye.  In that one short week, I could sense the spiritual atmosphere change over Uganda!  The Lord has always been good to reveal His faithfulness in answering prayers for Uganda upon each of my return trips, but this trip I sensed it immediately.  Praise God!

An added mission I had while in Uganda was to deliver LifeStraw┬« water purifiers.

To make this possible these were donated by the Rotary Club of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida working in conjunction for their distribution with the Rotary Club of Muyenga together with its makers at Vestergaard-Frandsen in China.  It took our staying in constant communication, which was not easy, to make it possible to deliver 1200 LifeStraws to the children in outlining villages like Kyampisi, Natete and Kosovo, Uganda; places with polluted drinking water.  Since the outbreak of the waterborne disease Typhoid Fever has been particularly bad in these areas, we were more than pleased to have been able to deliver them.   I do want to thank my sister, Victoria Briggs, for instigating this project on behalf of the children of Uganda.  As well I thank Martin Brody, Dr Catherine Sagala, Sam Mwanje and Paul Chen for their coordinated efforts and gracious hearts.  Together we got this done!

A special thank you is in order for Pastor Gary Warner of Legacy World Missions who not only connected me to the Rotary Club in Uganda, but also provided me with a vehicle and driver AND the use of his cell phone while there!  What a HUGE blessing that was to make this trip come together.  Thanks to Charles for your great driving and sweet disposition.  A big thank you to Mercy, Aisha and Nancy for opening their home to me, cooking, keeping me filled with fresh pineapple, washing, translating at different places, driving me when Charles wasn't, and loving me so sincerely.  Even when my trip was extended, they insisted I stay with them.  I am so grateful for you!  Thank you to Rev. Kevin Muwaya and Pastor David Kalasira for your tireless efforts to organize the Pastor's conference, and thanks to all who opened their doors to me to share with their people; Pastor Mike I need to mention you and Pastor David Okecho and my beloved Momma in Musisi. It is always a blessing to minister at your churches and see your families again.   Thank you Pastor Frank for translating at two conferences and on Christianity Focus radio.  Last but not least, thank you my most precious Omusumba; you are a continual blessing to me for too many reasons to list here. However I do want to bless the work you have been commissioned by the Lord to lead. It just is too intense and lovely and wonderful for words. I have been so very blessed by how you have kept your head up when some, who walk in vainglory, sought to knock you down.  You make your mother proud!  You have kept your eyes on your King and your ears open to the leading of your heavenly Father who loves you and called you according to His purpose. Godspeed, son!  

There are so many involved in this trip, but if it were not for those who sowed their hard-earned money to send me none of this would have been possible.  Your gifts have contributed to its success.  You may not be able to go to the mission field yourself, but by sending me you will share in the reward of it.  God bless you and thank you so much for believing in me and in the mission of sharing the Father's love.  I pray not to leave anyone out, but the One who cannot be forgotten is Jesus the Christ who has given us life and life in abundance.  To Him be given all glory both now and forever.  Amen!


In the Father's love,

Reverend Judy Bauman



July 2009

O Uganda!

AIDS and other diseases like malaria and typhoid fever, wars and accidents have decimated the adult (working age) population in Uganda.  These pictured here are a small number of children who are blessed to be in a school, but many of them are orphaned and are themselves ill with AIDS.  Malaria is a constant threat to the children as many do not have screened windows or mosquito netting over their beds. They live in poverty unimaginable in the Western world, yet they are able to smile - even in their situation. 

I cannot express to you in words how deeply I love these children.  Some sort of explosion took place in my heart the first time I visited them in 2006.  They are so precious and funny and smart!  I celebrated my birthday at this school in 2007 and honestly, they were more excited than anything you can imagine that I was there on my special day! (If you are on facebook, I have videos of this visit. You can find me by entering my email

Please help me to help them.  I don't know what to say other than that.  I don't want to guilt trip you, show you pictures of them crying with flies covering their mouths, or promise you God will bless you - as some do.  I would ask that you give out of joy because you want to help them and because you can see where 100% of your money will go.  If you can sow an offering into this ministry, I promise these children will benefit from it. You can mail your offering to:

 The Father's Love Int'l Ministries Inc. P. O. Box 1573, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

You may also give with a credit card by going to the home page and click the "donate button" for PayPal. 

Every dollar sent will be multiplied there about 10x what it would be in the States.  You can clothe a child and feed them for a month for about $30.  That is equal to a couple going out for a simple dinner in the US.

Please consider this ministry in your monthly giving.  Thank you and blessings to you in the Father's abiding love,

Judy Bauman


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