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Uganda-Oct. 2006

Uganda 1st Trip

October 2006!

04 Nov 2006


Hello Friends and Family in the Lord,


My journey to Uganda so far exceeded anything that I could have imagined and I want to thank you for your prayers and support.  My journey went well and my health is perfect.


The Lord gave me a powerful word for Uganda that I was able to speak with authority and the people received it with gladness.  I was welcomed everywhere I went and honestly, they treated me like a queen.  The pastors that I stayed with went above and beyond anything that I would have thought possible to care for me. They were amazing.  Their entire household were very thoughtful and I am so grateful for them.


The young man who invited me, Peter Sewakinyanga, has an amazing gift of evangelism that I enjoyed seeing in action. He led people to the Lord as simply as one could walk up to a fruit tree in season and pick off ripe fruit. Peter has really touched my heart.  I love this young man as a son!  Please keep him in prayer as the call on his life is great not only for Uganda, but for many nations. 


Peter had me on a very tight schedule.  I visited and spoke at 2 conferences, 3 schools/orphanages, 4 churches, the university for two days, and visited the hospital.  At the hospital Peter a friend's mother to the Lord!  It was a tender moment and one that they have been praying for.


During our one quick sight-seeing trip to see the Source of the River Nile, we encountered a group of adults and children. This church/school invited me to share the word from the Lord right there by Bujagali Falls where they were there to pray all night!  It was amazing confirmation for them since the word begun with the Lord saying, "I hear your prayers!"  Then Peter spoke to the man who offered to show us where to find the Source of the Nile and on the very short walk down the road, he accepted Jesus as His Lord!  Peter's gift is like art in motion!


Also keep in prayer the need for the marketplace ministers - those who are willing to minister at their place of business.  This a huge need.  They need to grasp the importance of this as well as praying for Christians called to politics.  This a big part of my message to the students at the university. 


The last day I was there I was privileged to meet Apostle Julius Oyet who prophesied over me, and as an elder of Uganda, welcomed me to return and speak again into his country. 


Fanning the flame of the holy fire of God's love for Uganda was such a privilege.  When you are ministering to people who love the Lord, it is not a difficult task.  I praise God and thank Him for sending me. 


The people there are so wonderful and cannot be described because their love and care for one another is so divine and refreshing that the word 'hospitable' just does not do their beautiful hearts justice. Thank you again for your prayers and thank you for your continued prayers and support for Uganda


It would be an injustice to try to explain what the Lord did in the short time I was there.  It was a very full week! It reminds me of how John ended his Gospel:


John 21: 25  But there are also many other things that Jesus did; if every one of them were written down, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.

Grace and peace to you and yours,

Judy Bauman

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